Your Social Front Page

By: Nu Yang

Your Social Front Page

Wouldn’t managing your paper’s social media presence be easier if you could compile your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts on one website? Thanks to RebelMouse, that’s now possible.

Founded by former Huffington Post chief technical officer Paul Berry, RebelMouse launched in beta mode last June. According to Berry, RebelMouse is now home to 225,000 sites and sees about 1.2 million unique visitors a month.

Berry said the idea for RebelMouse originated when he saw publishers struggling to find a publishing solution for their social media content. He said he created RebelMouse not just for social curation, but also as a content management system.

With the increasingly fragmented state of social media, RebelMouse aggregates selected social networks all on one social homepage. For example, The Baltimore Sun’s page ( is filled with updated tweets, photos, and breaking news linking to its Facebook page and website. Time magazine recently used RebelMouse to power its “Person of the Year” social reactions page, pulling together live reaction from all of its social networks.

The RebelMouse algorithm grabs designated social content and becomes the front page for any blog. The page is updated automatically in real time with each new post. RebelMouse can replace a blog, or it can be embedded with a WordPress plugin. Berry said RebelMouse will always respect privacy settings, and users can choose which posts go public.

Anyone can try RebelMouse for free. Individual accounts linked to a personal domain name cost $3 per month, while corporate accounts cost $3 per week.

Berry said he hopes RebelMouse will solve two things for publishers: cost savings and integrating sponsored content correctly. He anticipates more key features, such as group blogs where multiple users can contribute content.

“Everyone is going social,” Berry said. “We’re empowering companies with the next generation of tools to move forward.”

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