Quintype is a data-driven digital publishing platform designed for content creators and publishers.

Quintype assists digital media organizations in creating interactive contents by way of engaging storytelling elements, analytics-driven distribution of content to increase engagement, seamless end-user experience across channels and provides tools for audience engagement and monetization.

Digital publishing has been stuck in the Dark Ages. Digital publishers have historically relied on legacy platforms – partly for cost reasons & partly because there have been no other suitable options. The emergence of new technologies in the media space has outpaced the publisher’s ability to adopt some of them on their legacy platforms.
With Quintype, publishers can focus on their core competency of producing quality content – & leave all the technology-heavy lifting to Quintype.

Quintype’s state of the art SaaS platform ensures that you continue to be at the leading edge of technology – whether its a progressive web app for your digital property, Facebook’s Instant Articles, Google’s AMP, Semantic analytics, leveraging big data analytics & machine learning etc to understand and predict your reader’s preferences.

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