A Capital ‘B’ Isn’t Enough for Black Journalists

We were colored. The New York Times, the United States Census and others agreed. There was discussion and consternation, and we became negroes. Once we left being colored behind and became …
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The Media is Failing to Communicate Journalism’s Value to the Public

It’s important to celebrate the little victories right now. It’s how we stay sane. Even in the face of a crisis that threatens the continued existence of newspapers at all levels, …

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Critical Thinking

With the 2016 Election Polls Missing the Mark, Should Newsrooms Rely Less on Polls This Year?

I’m not sure newsrooms should be using polling information less in the future, but they should instead present the results as they actually are—mere estimates. Only after the polls were deemed to be obviously flawed—i.e. after President Trump took his surprising win in 2016—did we start hearing about why those polling results may have been flawed.


L.A. Times Reporter Angel Jennings is Named Newsroom Head of Culture and Talent

Los Angeles Times reporter Angel Jennings will be the newspaper’s first assistant managing editor for culture and talent, part of the media company’s efforts to reform hiring practices, …

Roanoke Times Names New Editor from Within

Brian Kelley, a 27-year veteran of The Roanoke Times, will become the newspaper’s editor later this month.Kelley, 56, will succeed Caroline Glickman, who will retire as The Roanoke Times' top …

International Newspaper Group Announces 2020 Virtual Leadership Summit

ING’s 2020 Virtual Leadership Summit is scheduled for Thursday, October 8 from 12 Noon to 1:30 p.m. EDT. Aptly titled, Pressing into Our Future, the virtual event will feature a panel of experts who will discuss salient, newspaper-centric information key to attendees -- the production, operations and logistics leaders of today’s newspapers who face increasingly challenging business operational environments. To register for the ING Virtual Leadership Summit, visit: https://internationalnewspapergroup.org/take-action/

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Local Journalism Under Siege

Here is the hard truth. The current state of local journalism is dire. The devastating impact of COVID-19 has made advertising dollars plunge and closed more than 50 local newsrooms around America, …

15 Over 50: Honoring the Leaders Driving the News Industry Forward

Our inaugural class of 15 Over 50 come from various backgrounds and markets, but they all share one thing: a passion for our industry. While many other industry vets may feel jaded or cynical during …

Through COVID-19, Community Impact Newspaper Relies on the Strength of Local Journalism

It takes a lot to impress me. I’ve been around newspapers and printing for more than 30 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of operations that were on the forefront of new …