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Recently, California passed a bill which restricts the use of classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees. This puts a 35-content submission limit on freelancers. As a result, some publishers have cut ties with freelancers. … more
Facebook recently announced it would offer news outlets millions of dollars for the rights to their content in a news section the company plans to launch. Should newsrooms accept the additional funding?     Abby Parsons, 21, senior, Boston … more
Think of it like the rise of “design thinking.” Nobody has ever said: “But what’s the business model for ‘design thinking?’” That’s because design thinking isn’t bundled with a single revenue model. It is an approach to the world. … more
Federal and state anti-trust laws date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, way before the emergence of the modern internet-fueled economy. But increasingly these old laws and concepts are being seen as the means of limiting the influence of … more
How can newspapers come together to create a national identity?   Mira Petrillo, 21, senior, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.  Petrillo is currently studying comparative history of ideas and philosophy, and works as the editor-in-chief … more
The good news is that somebody is once again making money from journalism. The bad news is that it’s not those who are doing the actual work of producing journalism; instead, it’s Google and Facebook, which have figured out how to “monetize” … more
Recently, the New York Times stopped printing editorial cartoons in its international edition due to a cartoon’s anti-Semitic imagery. Other editorial cartoonists have been fired for their depictions of President Trump. Did those publications … more
A number of prominent figures have called for some sort of regulation of Facebook—including one of the company’s co-founders and a venture capitalist who was one of Facebook’s early backers. Much of the criticism of Facebook relates to how the … more
With more women running for president in 2020, is the media fairly covering them compared to the male candidates?     Tameka Poland, 34, junior, California State University, Fullerton Poland is studying journalism and sports … more
If Facebook wants to show us they’re opposed to hate speech, banning individual trolls is about as effective as a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound—painful, messy, and worse than useless. In 2016, when I was managing editor at fact-checking site … more
How can the media improve its coverage of climate change?       Michael Moore Jr., 30, senior, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Fla. Moore was editor of his campus newspaper, The Crow’s Nest in 2017 and secretary of his … more
What is local news? A recent report by the Pew Research Center claims to measure Americans’ perceptions of journalism in their communities. But the results show that the largest share of the 35,000 people who were surveyed—38 percent—say … more
If you could put all your resources into one revenue project, what would it be and why?     Dean Galiffa, 21, junior, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. Galiffa recently transferred to Temple University from Delaware County Community … more
A banker asked me recently if my industry had to deal with a lot of government regulations. He noted that even small banks have frequent visits by regulators and several examiners report to work each day in offices located within some of the larger … more
An Australian court recently ruled that a newspaper was responsible for a reporter’s psychological injury due to covering traumatic events. Should U.S. newspapers also be legally responsible for the mental health of their journalists?   … more
News is not the best business model. It is expensive to gather, risky to publish and it depreciates in value faster than an ice cube on a summer day. But newspapers managed to make a great living at it, for years. Thanks to the advertising business. … more
The Washington Post reportedly spent about $10 million for a Super Bowl commercial this year. Was it a wise way to invest in journalism, or should the money have been invested in their employees?     Joe Severino, 21, senior, West Virginia … more
We are awash in information, thanks to technology that delivers endless streams of stories, opinions, pictures and videos to our TVs, phones, radios, laptops and tablets. So, with so much information, why do so many people seem misinformed? It … more
Many media critics said President Trump’s first prime-time Oval Office address had a hidden campaign agenda and was not newsworthy, so should networks refuse to air future addresses?   Sammy Gibbons, 21, senior, University of … more
Are the national mainstream media obsessed with criticizing President Trump to the point of blunting their impact on voters? Or are White House reporters so numbed by his relentlessly outrageous behavior that he’s getting gentler treatment than … more
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