The Most Comprehensive and Accurate Industry Source Book of Its Kind

1 Book | Over 1,700 Pages
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A Detailed Picture of the Newspaper Industry
The 2021 DataBook contains tens of thousands of facts for more than 8,000 daily and weekly U.S. and Canadian newspapers with a combined circulation of 110.2 million!
Also Included:
  • Details about Community and Weekly Newspapers
  • Specialty & Niche Papers
  • Newspaper Groups, Associations, Organizations and Services to the Industry
  • Advertising Representatives and Newspaper Brokers
  • Ethnic and Religious Newspapers
  • Black, Latino and Jewish Newspapers
  • College and University Newspapers + Schools of Journalism
  • Military Newspapers
  • Alternative Newspapers
  • Gay and Lesbian Newspapers
  • Parenting, Real Estate and Senior Publications
  • News, Pictures and Syndicated Services