Key Executives Mega-Conference 2015 Coverage

by: Nu Yang

Key Executives Mega-Conference 2015 Coverage

More than 700 newspaper executives gathered in Atlanta Feb. 22 to 25 for the annual Key Executives Mega-Conference, sponsored by the Inland Press Association, Local Media Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association.

Program coordinator Carol Hudler created a conference program she called, “a publisher’s insomnia list.” Sessions ranged from programmatic and native advertising, the impact of mobile, content monetization, and Big Data.

“The speakers at the general sessions helped us look at our industry from a more elevated perspective and challenged us to think differently,” Hudler said. “The break outs were full of useful, take-home ideas for media operations of all sizes.”

The tradeshow floor was also filled to capacity with 75 exhibitors and additional sponsors in attendance.

“Our R&D partners continued to play a very important role in giving publishers good ideas of how they can improve their business. They are there to help publishers tackle important challenges that would often be insurmountable without a good R&D partnership,” Hudler said. “We’ll be working with our R&D partners to make (next year) an even better conference, useful to publishers, and conducive for creating meaningful discussions and new partnerships.

The 2016 Mega-Conference will be in Austin, Texas, Feb. 22 to 24. For more information, visit


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