25 MORE Ways to Improve Your Print Products in 2017

Newspaper-focused whitepaper, “25 MORE Ways to Improve Your Print Products in 2017” has execs buzzing… and downloading!

Wake Forest, North Carolina — With print revenue and cost savings the hot topics reverberating through recent newspaper conferences and conventions, the timing and reception thus far for the new whitepaper, 25 MORE Ways to Improve Your Print Products in 2017,” is spot on. The lively and informative tips and recommendations booklet continues to be downloaded steadily by newspaper execs and management well after its publication in late February.

Published by Creative Circle Media Solutions, in collaboration with other Southern Lithoplate Strategic Alliance partners, MW Stange LLC and Presteligence, the new white paper was developed specifically for newspaper publishing and production management. Bill Ostendorf, Creative Circle’s president and founder, said the quest by newspaper managers for more information on revenue-creating and cost-savings ideas is front and center. “Publishers readily acknowledge that print is still the main driver of a newspaper’s revenues while proportionately responsible for the significant share of the costs.”

“That’s why newspaper management are looking for opportunities to optimize print revenues, fully understanding too, that their operations may not been creating, manufacturing and delivering the print product as efficiently and effectively as they might,” Ostendorf said.

25 MORE Ways to Improve Your Print Products in 2017 is the SLP Alliance team’s contribution to the conversation about how newspapers can make more money with print and spend less doing it. The new 48-page whitepaper is actually a colorful, casually worded collection of short and sharply written articles with suggestions, tips, recommendations and thought-provoking ideas for newspapers.

Southern Lithoplate senior vice president, Steve Mattingly, added, “Our research has confirmed publishers want more info to help them develop creative strategies and plans for generating new print revenue streams plus learning where they can cut costs or change procedures to help achieve higher margins and profits.  This whitepaper is an excellent resource for that.”

“25 MORE Ways” is actually a sequel to the overwhelmingly popular 25 Ways to Improve Your Print Products in 2016, also a 48-page book, published at last year’s Mega-Conference. Both whitepapers are available as full color PDFs that can be downloaded at: www.slp.com/25MOREways.

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