How to be a Native Ad Hero


Is your organization selling native advertising effectively? The opportunities – and the risks of falling behind – have never been bigger. Native advertising, content paid for by an advertiser that looks, feels and reads like the content surrounding it, is on a remarkable tear.

Check out the numbers. Native display ad revenue is growing 17 percent annually and is expected to account for nearly three-quarters of total U.S. ad revenue by 2021, according to Business Insider’s research division BI Intelligence estimates.

Smart newspapers are vying for their share. By 2018, native ads will account for one-quarter of newspaper ad revenue, according to an INMA report. That’s up from just 11 percent in 2015.

At The Post and Courier, the Charleston, South Carolina flagship newspaper of Evening Post Industries, native advertising is now a $400,000-plus incremental revenue business and growing. They serve local advertisers ranging from roofers to real estate agents, physicians, funeral homes and more.

“Native advertising provides our advertisers with a fresh creative voice and helps them connect with and serve new and existing customers in powerful ways,” says Senior Director of Sales, Brad Boggs. “It’s a revenue driver for our clients and for us. It’s clearly an important avenue of growth for the future.”

Is your organization ready to bring native advertising to your market? Be a native ad hero – the time is now!

Here are 5 really smart ways to sell your advertisers on the native ad opportunity:


1. Native ads are useful to readers

Here’s the challenge: consumers want advertisers’ content to be useful to them. Respondents deemed 60 percent of the content they received as “poor, irrelevant or fails to deliver,” an alarming rate of ineffectiveness, the agency said. The more effective the content, the greater the impact on consumers’ well-being and the better the business results.

2. Native ads capture attention

Readers spend more time engaged with a native ad than with other types of ads – or even with editorial content.

Through the years, The Post and Courier has seen routine reader engagement times of 5 minutes and longer for its native ads. The average reader time for a typical news story on a mobile device: 123 seconds, according to Pew Research Center.

3. Native ads are highly social

Native advertising, clearly labeled as sponsored content, is useful, honest content that lives comfortably on your newspaper’s social media feed. Unlike other forms of digital advertising, native ads can be shared and collect likes and comments on social platforms.

The benefits of this social exposure for a native advertiser with an authentic, original story to tell can be immense.


4. Native ads rock mobile

Popups, banners and pre-roll video ads that slow the online experience can frustrate the majority of your readership who use smartphones and tablets to access your website.

Plus, native ads deliver measurably better results. Facebook’s mobile-only newsfeed ads massively outperform older, right-side desktop ads, with click-through rates that are 187 percent higher, according to a study by Marin Software.


5. Native ads don’t get blocked

Because they are formatted to complement, not interrupt, editorial content, native ads can’t be stopped by ad blockers. Don’t underestimate the threat.

The use of ad-blocking software increased 30 percent last year, according to PageFair. About 11 percent of internet users globally use the software to block digital ads, an equivalent of 600 million devices.

Does your organization need help launching a native advertising program? Do you think your native ad program can be improved? Do you need help getting your team on the same page?

Consult the experts at Content That Works. A pioneer of local native advertising, we’ve created more high-quality local native ads, than any other supplier.

Our team works one-on-one with your advertiser to craft custom stories that effectively capture their voice and message. CTW is the only native ad creation partner that offers performance tracking for your native ads to help measure and report results to your advertisers.

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