Media Fragmentation Means Astute Auto Dealers Should Look At Newspaper… Again

Nick Miller, VP Midwest Division, The Media Audit

Today auto dealers invest substantial dollars in broadcast TV to reach vehicle consumers!  No doubt TV is strong. For example, in Pittsburgh over-the-air TV reaches 66% of planned new vehicle purchasers compared to 55% for local daily newspapers according to The Media Audit.

“There is good reason for astute auto dealers to take another look at newspapers,” points out Nick Miller, Vice President of The Media Audit. “If you compare specific stations you’ll see the top newspaper leads the top TV stations.”

“Everyone knows the reason but they may not think of how it affects their advertising,” continues Miller “In two words it is… media fragmentation. Streaming video is fragmenting over-the-air TV viewing. For example in Pittsburgh, streaming video is now the same as over-the-air TV for the general market. For planned vehicle purchasers 75% of adults, watch streaming video…10% more than the 66% who watch over-the-air.”

“There is a qualitative strength in newspaper for the planned vehicle consumer” continues Miller “Different media can have different skews and these skews can be very important when targeting the right consumers. The Post-Gazette and broadcast TV are the same in delivering planned purchasers for vehicles priced between $10,000 and $40,000. However broadcast TV and the Post-Gazette vary on the tails. Broadcast skews to consumers who plan to spend less than $10,000 and the Post-Gazette skews to vehicles over $40,000.”

“When you look at the profile of The Post-Gazette’s readers, the skew to premium vehicle prices makes sense,” notes Miller. “The Media Audit shows The Post-Gazette to be slightly younger, more affluent, more highly educated and has more business owners and managers.”

“TV news is popular with automotive dealers,” Nick Miller observed. “Using the Post-Gazette as an example, newspapers should look at what they can add to a TV news buy. In Pittsburgh, the Post-Gazette hardcopy increases reach of planned new vehicle purchasers from 177,000 adults to 216,000…more than a 20% increase.”

If you were to add the Post-Gazette’s digital assets of the website and news slide app the increased reach is even greater.

“The bottom line is media fragmentation is opening newspaper’s opportunities in automotive. Research shows newspapers are a great complement to TV news which is popular with auto dealers” says Nick Miller.

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