2nd Man Sentenced for Murder of ‘NY Times’ Reporter David Rosenbaum

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A man was sentenced Friday to 62 years in prison for the murder of veteran New York Times journalist David E. Rosenbaum, who was beaten to death near his home.

Percey Jordan Jr., 42, had been convicted in October. His cousin and co-defendent, Michael C. Hamlin, 24, was sentenced to 26 years in prison earlier this month after agreeing to testify against Jordan.

Rosenbaum, 63, died two days after the attack last January when he was hit in the head with a heavy plastic pipe and his wallet was stolen. He had retired from his job in the Times’ Washington bureau the month before he died.

“I loved my dad,” Rosenbaum’s son Daniel said in court Friday. “He was the greatest dad anyone could ever have. I can’t imagine a sentence that would fill this crime.”

The attack happened near Rosenbaum’s home in usually quiet northwest Washington. A neighbor found the dazed Rosenbaum and called 911 while waiting with him.

Rosenbaum’s family has since filed a $20 million lawsuit against District of Columbia and hospital officials, saying the negligence of emergency workers contributed to his death.

A report by city investigators found that workers did not follow proper procedures after they initially believed Rosenbaum was intoxicated because they smelled alcohol on his breath. The report found workers did not treat his case as an emergency.

It was four hours before a neurological team evaluated Rosenbaum and eight hours before he was taken to an operating room.

An emergency medical technician was fired after the city investigation. New Mayor Adrian Fenty has replaced the former chief of the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.

Rosenbaum’s family has also said police failed to investigate a similar attack in which Jordan and Hamlin were implicated more than a month before Rosenbaum’s assault.

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