70% Use Multiple Media at One Time

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By: E&P Staff

Americans are truly multi-media consumers, according to a study released today by The Media Center at the American Press Institute in Reston, Va.

Conducted by BIGresearch in October 2003, the Simultaneous Media Usage Survey found:

* 74.2% of the public regularly or occasionally watches TV and reads the newspaper at the same time.
* 66.2% regularly or occasionally watch TV while going online.
* 70% say they sometimes absorb two or more forms of media at once.
* While waiting for downloads on the Internet, 61.8% watch TV, 52.1% listen to the radio, and 20.2% read the newspaper.

“As new technologies enable mobile media consumption, The Media Center expects the quest for mindshare and influence to become as important as the quest for audience mass and brand awareness,” API said in a statement.

The study was conducted online with 13,414 respondents. BIGresearch says the margin of error is +/-1%.

For more results, visit MediaCenter.org.

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