A Bird’s-Eye View of Nature’s Fury

By: Nekoro Gomes

The stark and harrowing im- ages of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita captured by more than 20 journalists at The Dallas Morning News have now been collected in a book of photos and essays called Eyes of the Storm (Taylor Trade Publishing).

Senior Photographer Irwin Thompson says that after meeting fellow staffers Michael Ainsworth and Lee Hancock on I-10 in New Orleans, he captured many images that focused not on the big picture, but Katrina’s human toll: ordinary people forced to make do with just a few necessary goods.

Thompson took many pictures of survivors wading through flooded intersections, being evacuated from rooftops, and standing uneasily on line for ready-made meals. His favorite photo is the simple but poignant image of the feet of 21-year old Jeremiah Ward, who made makeshift sandals out of rubber bands and empty cigar boxes: “That picture just spoke volumes on the situation of the evacuees and what they did to improvise.”

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