A Comic Controversy and a Cartoon Collection

By: E&P Staff

Dan Piraro, in keeping with King Features Syndicate policy, usually posts his “Bizarro” comic seven days late on his blog. He made an exception today for a panel that appeared in newspapers yesterday.

The comic showed a store clerk telling a customer: “This petticoat is made from organic cotton, picked by free-range slaves.” The caption: “Feel-good marketing of the Civil War era.”

“I normally post cartoons a week after they run in papers, but this one has attracted a lot of negative mail so I wanted to address it sooner,” Piraro explained in his blog post, adding: “Contrary to what many people assumed, this cartoon is not intended to make light of slavery or racism. My intention was to point out that modern ‘feel-good’ marketing techniques are no more honest than this kind of technique would have been during legal slavery in America….

“Words like ‘free-range,’ ‘organic,’ and ‘humane’ make consumers believe that animals are being well-treated and that the environment is not being damaged. This is a patent lie in virtually all cases. Animal agriculture at current rates is always cruel to animals and damaging to the environment. Any animal that goes to a slaughterhouse has experienced the ultimate cruelty. It’s a no-brainer — there is no such thing as ‘humane meat.'”

The comic and blog post can be seen here.

In other Piraro news, a hardcover collection called “Bizarro Buccaneers: Nuttin’ But Pirate Cartoons” is being published next month by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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