A New Way to Write a Tasty Lede

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By: Emily Vaughan

Scribbling notes and penning stories the old-fashioned way just got a little more fragrant. But Smencils, pencils designed to smell far sweeter than your Ticonderoga, have another twist beyond their scents: They’re made of recycled newspapers.

Instead of wood, the graphite is encased in recycled newspapers, rolled tightly until they’re the same thickness as a regular pencil. Then they are hand-dipped into scented oils, dried, and voila ? a more perfumed way to write. “If you were to take a Smencil and take off the top layer, you could see the newsprint,” says Jennifer Marcum, a customer service representative for The Smencil Co. The $1 scented pencils are manufactured in China, where local papers are used to create them.

Smencils creator Chris Cot? turned to newspapers after realizing that the cedar smell of wood pencils overpowered the oils he used to make them scented. Newspapers, he explains, were a perfect solution: The paper easily soaks up the fragrance, and it’s also environmentally friendly. Aside from the recycled newspapers making up the pencils, the freshness tubes are made of recyclable plastic and the erasers are biodegradable.

Smencils come in 10 scents, some changed every year ? from strawberry to chocolate and root beer.

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