A Recipe For Journalism That Works

Donald Trump has a bully’s nose for the vulnerable and the defenseless, and he sees the American media as both.

The White House’s vicious attacks on the press and the often-timid response from journalists stem from the fact that, as a business, the press at this moment couldn’t be more exposed: Most of the biggest media companies in the country still haven’t settled on a business plan that works (and the smaller ones, in ever-larger numbers, are simply closing up shop); reporters continue to lose their jobs; and magic-bullet answers that once offered hope for turning things around—video or live events or virtual reality—seem to disappoint by the day.

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One thought on “A Recipe For Journalism That Works

  • March 2, 2017 at 10:07 am

    ” (and the smaller ones, in ever-larger numbers, are simply closing up shop)”

    Fake news. At every turn, fake news, masked as analysis, newsspeak or metaphor, and founded on such fallacious reasoning as argumentum ad populum or self-evident truth.

    The smaller ones are not closing up shop in ever larger numbers. Ever is a long fricking time — approximately as long as eternity. Will was fired from his journalism job for fortune-telling, so we do not know if the numbers will forever increase.

    What we do know is that the number of newspaper closures peaked around 2007-2009. The number of daily newspapers that shut their doors decreased slightly during 2009-2014 compared to 2004-2009. The number of Sunday newspapers increased during the second half of that 10 year period.


    But that is just newspapers. The number of broadcast licenses did not substantially change during those years. The number of Internet media companies would seem to have increased dramatically during those years. The real news is changing nature of news coverage. A claim of “ever-larger numbers” typifies the changing nature of news toward a language model that is esstentially fake news, styled to convey feelings and alternative facts instead of constructed to objectively narrate a consensus reality.


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