ABB Adds Insert Management to MPS Solutions

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By: E&P Staff

ABB of Baden, Switzerland, has introduced MPS InsertManager, a software solution for optimizing the sale, storage, and distribution of newspaper inserts.

According to Wolgang Felber, Head of ABB’s Printing Business Unit, the new system uses geographic, demographic, and production data and “leverages the newspaper’s existing organization for the distribution of external printed media — even in competition with the post [office].”

“Simple-to-install” and developed in partnership with its customers, InsertManager is designed to “help a newspaper to provide advertisers with targeted inserts, inserted in the best position, within the correct edition, delivered to the right address.” The end-to-end solution interfaces with ABB and third-party press management and commercial systems.

To support insert capacity sales, ABB includes such tools as zoomable maps showing all geographic possibilities for inserts within each edition and indication whether sufficient capacity is available for the choice made. “If so, having selected the target group, the software automatically calculates the number of copies to be inserted; the price; the percentage household coverage and the remaining households,” Markus Greiner, ABB Printing’s sales chief said in a statement announcing InsertManager.

The software also checks that an order is possible by looking at an insert’s properties (weight, area, format, thickness, etc.) and booking of other inserts. Upon approval, inserts are allocated to the inserter feeders.

The solution uses sales and distribution data together with production planning and structure of the carrier products. Production planning and the definition of the product structure is typically made in ABB’s MPS Cockpit and downloaded to MPS InsertManager, though InsertManager can also be used as a standalone system taking planning data from a third-party system. Customer and transportation data from other systems also may be imported, and commercial data can be exported to systems such as SAP.

MPS InsertManager runs on Windows 2000 with an SQL data server. With the application software running on standard PCs, workplaces may be widely distributed, facilitating groupwide insert sales.

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