ACAP Adopts PLUS to Manage Image Rights

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By: E&P Staff

ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol), the non-proprietary protocol that enables publishers to control their online content’s reuse, is adopting Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) semantics. PLUS standards simplify and facilitate the communication and management of image rights by providing further automation and machine-readable licenses.

ACAP will use the PLUS License Data Format and PLUS Media Matrix standards to supplement the existing ACAP vocabulary for communicating license-related information to Web crawlers and other automated devices that use Web content. Having until now focused on text-based Web resources, ACAP’s adoption of PLUS semantics is part of a planned extension to meet publishers’ requirements to communicate more precise terms for use of photographic and other media resources by Web crawlers.

ACAP is the result of an intensive year-long pilot project between international publishers and search engines to devise a universal standard for automated expression of permissions online. It is an initiative of The European Publishers Council, World Association of Newspapers and International Publishers Association.

The international non-profit PLUS Coalition developed its comprehensive system of standards for communication and management of image rights. It describes itself as a “collaboration between major stakeholders in all industries involved in creating, distributing, using and preserving images.”

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