Ad Blocking to Jump by Double Digits This Year

Ad blocking in the US will continue to cause headwinds for online advertisers, as the phenomenon is expected to grow by double digits this year and next. In 2016, 69.8 million Americans will use an ad blocker, a jump of 34.4% over last year. Next year, that figure will grow another 24.0% to 86.6 million people.
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One thought on “Ad Blocking to Jump by Double Digits This Year

  • June 21, 2016 at 10:30 am

    The original story in eMarketer offered zero information on how the data were collected, and the metric is an odd one — people using a machine that is ad-blocked. How might users know, especially if multiple people use one machine, which is not uncommon?

    My own experimentation (promoting my wife’s small Amazon ebook on granola) suggests ad blocking is far more common, at least among folks who trigger Google keywords in searches for granola! Our views and click-throughs fell from 6000+ per day in summer 2014 to 1200 a day during summer 2015 — a 75% drop. This is for a simple three-line ad displayed to the right of a Google search. Needless to say, the ad is no longer worth running and sales have plummeted. (BTW, my wife’s last name is not the same as mine… note that I am not comment-trolling! But a listicle could work “80 granola pictures! The 23rd one will amaze you!”)

    The online ad business has been going through the same evolution as print ads did starting in the 1930’s. Front-page ads dwindled, scantily clad females used to sell technical products to 99%-male engineering populations dwindled, and so forth. The difference is that given the low barrier to online entry, the web advertising business seems impossible to self-regulate. Bad for the web. Bad for the economy. Good for print, sort of.

    My B2B magazine does very well, thank you, with great online and event presence. We still publish 7 issues a year in print. Advertisers get great response because the issues hang around for months in peoples’ offices and perhaps in other, smaller rooms. My web-only friends and consultants tell me print is doomed. Wish they’d tell our advertisers! Print production is a pain. BTW, our advertisers and readers build the broadband networks that make the digital revolution possible. They are not Luddites.


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