By: Jennifer Owens, iVillage Among Sites To Share House Banners

by Jennifer Owens

(Adweek) DoubleClick, an online ad network, is launching today a
new swap program meant to put unsold banner-ad space to work for Net

MediaMatch, the new automated service, has been in beta testing for
the past month. About a dozen companies, including iVillage, and, have signed on to share house ads
across eight broad content categories, including technology, sports
and recreation, and women, family and health.

‘It’s more for advertisers who are also publishers,’ said Jonathan
Heller, vice president of business and product management for New
York-based DoubleClick. ‘So it’s not for everyone.’

What it is for, however, is filling unsold ad gaps. Heller pointed,
for example, to recent AdRelevance figures showing that among the 500 highest-trafficked, ad-supported sites, 179 companies had devoted a
total of more than 17 billion impressions to house ads from January
to April of this year. In all, he said, $26 million of potential
online ad space goes unsold every week.

MediaMatch works on a 1-to-1 banner-exchange basis: Publishers can
take out as many banners as they put into the swap – a ratio that
will be automatically monitored by DoubleClick. Publishers can control
the number of impressions on a daily basis and also have the option to
ban any ads, such as from a competitor’s site, from appearing on their

MediaMatch costs a premium of 95 cents CPM more than DoubleClick’s
typical fee for use of the company’s Dynamic Advertising Reporting
Targeting technology.

With a network of more than 1,300 publishers, DoubleClick estimates
that it is currently serving 53 billion ads each month. ‘From our
standpoint,’ said Heller, ‘[MediaMatch] really leverages what we
already do.’


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