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By: E&P Staff

Web-based classified advertising solutions developer Adicio in Carlsbad, Calif., is working with, a source for job seekers in the Northwest, to increase self-service job posting revenue.

Each month, nearly 160,000 unique visitors check out The Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer site, which, unlike national employment Web sites, focuses on qualified candidates who live in the Northwest.

At a recent Adicio Best Practices Workshop in Seattle, offered tips for increasing self-service e-commerce revenue and advertising leads from employers who visit their online media page.

“In 2006, we launched our own interstitial media kit to try and increase self-service revenue,” said Seattle Times Co. Online Classifieds Product Manager Denise Lee, adding that revenue rose 32% in the two years since launch. set specific goals in order to measure success. It added links on its media page to raise the level of help and information about audience, site features and instructions. It then created headings that appealed to employer needs instead of organizing options by products. It also created bullet points, pricing information, highlighted optional upsells and ad examples so that customers can quickly compare options and find the right product to make ads stand out.

The site also received a 2008 EPpy Award for best classified Web site. next looks to increase leads for direct-Web packages to encourage frequent single-job posters to upgrade to featured-employer Web packages. It also seeks to improve leads with a new “request information” form that will not only provide better quality leads, but will also provide a way for data to be stored and tracked.

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