Adicio Expands PowerLeads for Online Car Sales

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By: E&P Staff

Adicio in Carlsbad, Calif., has launched the PowerLeads Buy Program, an enhancement to its PowerLeads Program that enables Adicio clients to buy and sell qualified automotive leads for their car dealers.

The PowerLeads Buy Program helps dealers in competitive or specialized markets boost the number of incoming qualified leads by allowing Adicio clients to purchase additional leads for their automotive dealers. These additional leads complement the existing leads generated from Adicio automotive Web sites. The leads include detailed contact information of interested buyers.

By participating in the new program, clients can make sure dealers always receive a minimum number of leads, which are e-mailed directly to dealers. Adicio clients can determine the area/radius for new leads based on a dealership’s Zip code, as well as control how many leads each dealership receives per month. Leads are matched to dealership inventory makes and models. Clients and dealers also can use Adicio tools to evaluate PowerLeads Program effectiveness.

The PowerLeads Sell Program is also available to Adicio clients, which enables automotive sites to sell their qualified leads. This program integrates with Adicio’s New Vehicle Configurator and Vehicle Comparator tools. Any new qualified car leads unsupported by local dealerships can automatically be sold to generate revenue. Alternatively, clients can sell all of their new car leads to maximize lead revenue.

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