Advanced Publishing Solution for Interactive Online Editions

By: E&P Staff

Advanced Publishing Corp., New Brunswick, Canada, has launched RIDE, a digital edition solution used to create interactive versions of magazines and newspapers. RIDE is built on Microsoft’s Silverlight cross-browser platform to incorporate animation, graphics, audio and video elements into interactive publications.

“We create a rich version of a publication that has the look and feel of the printed version,” explained Advanced Publishing’s CEO Trish Connolly. “The interactive version includes active elements like video, and allows readers to bookmark favorite stories and search back issues, while maintaining the original editorial integrity as well as the look and feel of the publication’s content and ads.”

Advanced Publishing acts as applications service provider, receiving and converting a publication’s PDF files into a Silverlight format to make them fully searchable, create links and add interactive elements. “We host the publication, but we create a custom look for each one that mirrors the publication’s own website,” Connolly said.

RIDE incorporates features that are proving popular with online users, such as sharing elements in real time and pasting favorite pages to sites like Facebook, according to Connolly.

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