Afghan Gunmen Threaten to Kill Italian Photojournalist Monday

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By: E&P Staff

The National Press Photographers Association reports that the Afghan kidnappers of Italian ZUMA photojournalist Gabriele Torsello have threatened to kill him on Monday if their demands are not met.

Torsello, who was kidnapped on October 12th by five gunmen, has reportedly communicated with ZUMA that he is under “constant threat and extreme pressure from his kidnappers.” They are reportedly demanding that Italy turn over an Afghan convert to Christianity who was recently given asylum, as well as that Italian forces leave Afghanistan. Italy has said that both demands will not be met.

The NPPA reports that Torsello said in a recent cell phone message that the kidnappers frequently tell him that he is a spy and that his intelligence led to the bombing of certain districts in the country. He reportedly does no know where he is being kept.

To read the full report from the NPPA, click here.

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