After Comic Inspires Video, Video Inspires Comics

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By: E&P Staff

A “Candorville” comic strip inspired a video which inspired a “Candorville” sequence.

Yesterday, a short E&P item mentioned that a 35-second YouTube video is based on a 2005 “Candorville” comic by Darrin Bell of the Washington Post Writers Group.

Bell told E&P today that he’s responding to the YouTube video in his feature. “This week’s ‘Candorville’ strips are about Clyde, one of my main characters, discovering he was mimicked on the Internet, taking great offense to it, and responding,” he said. (Clyde’s actual response will be tomorrow.)

The “Candorville” sequence and media coverage have bumped the 10-month-old video’s viewership from just a few to more than 2,400 as of early this afternoon.

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