Agfa Adds to Arkitex

By: E&P Staff

Agfa has released Arkitex 7.0, with soft-proof comparison (allowing highlighting to see exactly what has changed), advanced fast track (to generate the plan from incoming file names), soft/hard-proof furniture (to include furniture on the plate that appears on a defined output and placement of special furniture on a soft proof to ensure page files’ correct positioning before plate imaging) and flip-book soft proofing (to quickly thumb through a product to ensure everything is correct).

In the new Arkitex IntelliTune 5.0, automated image toning offers magazine-like quality on newsprint using Multi-Dimensional Processing to analyze an image’s tone, color and spatial characteristics and automatically apply necessary corrections for the best print reproduction.

Agfa also offers Arkitex Essentials, a newspaper workflow designed for the needs of small and medium newspapers.

In Arkitex Vantage, user get a centralized view of single or multiple Arkitex workflow systems and their components, as well as third-party systems. The new notification features sends e-mails or SMS messages when defined errors occur. It provides a vantage point to monitor prepress production lines and is a starting point for remote support interventions, with instant feedback on overall system health.

Arkitex Analyst includes enterprisewide reporting to provide real-time tracking and post-production reporting of an entire newspaper production cycle. The simple interface requires no knowledge of SQL to create custom production and hardware reports.

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