Alissa Rubin Jumping to ‘NY Times’ — And Heading for Baghdad

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By: E&P Staff

Alissa Rubin, Paris bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, will be jumping ship but staying abroad as she will join the Baghdad bureau of The New York Times in February.

This not be something new, as she was a Baghdad bureau chief for her current paper from 2003 to 2005, after serving as chief in Vienna. She has also covered troubles in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Balkans.

Rubin reported from Afghanistan earlier this month.

She previously worked in Washington for the L.A. Times and Congressional Quarterly but started in a smaller city with the Wichita Eagle. She also worked at American Lawyer.

Earlier this year, after the kidnapping of Jill Carroll in Baghdad, she wrote: “The truth is that journalists are working in a war zone where no rules apply. No one is safe; not Iraqis, not Westerners, not men, not women.

“For most journalists in Iraq, it’s hard to be honest about danger, even though we talk about it all the time. We follow daily reports about the number of roadside bombings, suicide attacks, and abductions. We chart violence the way other people watch the weather.

“But talking about the danger in Iraq for what it is – my life, my death – is too scary to face. So we make it ordinary. ‘Oh, did you see any gunmen on your way over, there were some at the intersection yesterday, and would you like a cup of coffee?’

“To family and friends not in Iraq, it is incomprehensible why you came, and certainly why you came back twice, three times – in my case, over and over for nearly three years.”

The Rubin move was first reported on the blog LAObserved today.

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