All Brown Publishing Sites Now Live on NewsEngin GPS

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By: E&P Staff

Brown Publishing Co.’s 35 newspaper sites are live in production with NewsEngin GPS, the browser-based content-management system that allows properties to create, publish and share any type of content.

Brown staff members worked with NewsEngin to design GPS as a complete, content-neutral and platform-neutral system. NewsEngin and Brown also built functionality to allow Brown newspapers to share stories and other content.

GPS serves as a single starting point for content. When a staff member enters basic information about an assignment (story, Web element, multimedia file), it forms the basis for cross-site content planning and sharing, and automatically refreshes planning budgets. Individual departments or teams can quickly create a range of shared or individual assignment budgets on the fly.

Stories and text elements are written directly in GPS, using a full-featured word processor that requires no plug-ins. GPS provides full versioning and tracking of every change, in addition to record locking and disaster-recovery features. Staffers can quickly package a range of associated content elements. Web and print staffs independently can move a package’s elements through the workflow.

“We worked with NewsEngin to design a system with more features and at a better cost than anything else on the market,” Brown Production Systems Administrator Andy Pohl said in a statement. “The open, configurable nature of NewsEngin GPS also has allowed us to quickly and efficiently bring all our sites into production on a new platform.”

The system includes XTensions and plug-ins to dynamically exchange content with QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. Designers can use NewsEngin’s drag-and-drop interface to quickly design pages.

GPS also includes a collection-and-distribution engine to move content immediately to Web sites, hand-held devices and other output targets. This application allows an organization to collect, organize, categorize and repurpose all information that flows into a newsroom, including press releases and wire stories, as well as staff-generated content and external Web sites, blogs and RSS feeds.

The system can receive stories in any structured format over any standard transmission protocol, according to NewsEngin. Stories can be captured and delivered in various content packages at the rate of 40-50 per second. NewsEngin can deliver stories in any text-based format.

Founded in 1920 and among Ohio’s largest family-owned newspaper publishing companies, Brown has expanded form one weekly to 18 dailies, 27 paid weeklies, 15 total market coverage newspapers, and 11 TMC shoppers.

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