Courts Newspaper Publishers For Kindle

By: E&P Staff

Mark Milian | CNN

Newspaper publishers no doubt long for the days of black-and-white packages on most doorsteps and corporate earnings “in the black,” as they say.

On Monday, — a new king of black and white with its market-leading Kindle e-reader — presented them with a chance to earn more profits in the digital world.

Starting December 1, Amazon will give newspapers a 70 percent cut of revenue from digital versions of their editions sold in the site’s Kindle Store. That’s in line with what Apple and Google give developers selling apps in their digital markets.
Amazon announced the changes to reporters Monday. Amazon was previously giving newspaper and magazine companies about 30 percent, according to a New York Times report last year.

The online retail giant also is providing publishers with a new tool called Kindle Publishing for Periodicals. The program is designed to speed up the process of producing a version of the newspaper for the many platforms where Kindle software can be downloaded.

“A publisher would just need to send one feed, and Amazon customizes the experience for reading across different apps,” Amazon spokeswoman Sarah Gelman said.

If this program is successful, Amazon could become the leading newsstand of the digital world. And if news organizations bite, it could cause a shift in their digital strategies.

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