Among Screen CTP Sales, UV Ink Printer Replaces UV Platesetter

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By: E&P Staff

Screen USA, Rolling Meadows, Ill., has installed PlateRite News 2000 thermal platesetter installations at two Pioneer Newspapers sites in Idaho and for another customer, in Wisconsin.

In Idaho, Preston-based Bear River Publishing replaced a hand-loaded ultraviolet platesetter (and backup film imagesetter) with an PlateRite imager with automatic plate handling to supply the pressroom’s 7,500 plates per month.

General Manager Pate Nealy, who used Screen commercial platesetters for several years at another printer, said in a statement that “the PlateRite News 2000 has been running well for our company, too.”

Bear River prints three dailies and a weekly, including the Idaho State Journal, Pocatello, Standard Journal, Rexburg, and Logan (Utah) Herald Journal. Commercial printing of magazines, tabloids and broadsheets contributes $1.6 million to the company’s annual sales.

The main press line consists of 16 units with an in-line folder. A four-high tower with its own folder produces ultraviolet-cured four-color on 45- and 60-pound text gloss stock.

High-quality, higher-resolution plates for the UV tower was a major reason for chosing the PlateRite, according to Nealy. Nealy pointed out. “We have increased from standard 85-line screens to 110-line screens on our coldset line and 133-line screens for our UV tower,” Nealy said in a statement. The “crisp, straight up and down dot … prints very clean images,” he added.

In Nampa, higher quality and lower production costs drove the decision to implement Screen’s CTP solution at the recently expanded and upgraded operations of the Idaho Press-Tribune, according to Production/IT Director Joe Hansen.

The Dauphin Graphic Machines DGM 440 press uses a monthly average of 5,000 34×22.25-inch plates. The daily accounts for 40% of the plate output; the balance is used for special sections and commercial work (local weeklies, real estate publications and stitch-and-trim booklets on newsprint, book stock and hi-brite grades).

A PlateRite News 2000 and Trueflow Rite News PDF-based workflow automation are among the latsest improvements to Times Publishing Co.’s Watertown (Wis.) Daily Times, which added a Web Press Corp. Quad-Stack four-color unit to its Goss Community press in 2003.

“Improvement with CTP really stands out on color inserts printed on hi-brite grade,” Production Manager Greg Thrams said in a statement.

Times Publishing also owns the weekly Dodge County Independent News, in nearby Juneau, and Wepco Printing, a local job-printing shop. Several area publications contract printing from the Daily Times.

The PlateRite News 2000 series output sizes ranges from 11.4×18.1 inches to 38.5×26.9 inches, with four resolutions, from 1000 to 1270 dpi. Maximum output is 84 broadsheet plates or 41 doublewide plates per hour.

Thrams said output time for the newspaper’s 1,200 plates per month takes one-third the time it did when its was “more than a full-time job.”

Trueflow Rite News features PDF-based RIP operation, trapping and other basic workflow functions. After hot folders are created, operators drag output-ready job files into the appropriate folder, leaving remaining steps to be carried out automatically.

Thrams cited to other benefits. Trueflow handles web stretch by changing the percentage of an image, horizontally, vertically or both ways, for precise register; and the transition to CTP reduced ink and water consumption. Because some plates are still burned from film, he said, “the reduction is especially noticeable if we run plates imaged by the CTP right after plates made from film.”

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