An Obama Cartoon from Canada Gets ‘Hijacked’

By: E&P Staff

A Canadian creator’s cartoon about Barack Obama has been “hijacked” into hate-filled drawings.

Back in January, Bruce MacKinnon of The Chronicle Herald in Nova Scotia did a cartoon in which Obama says the White House sign is “gonna have to go” (given that the Democratic presidential nominee is half black).

Since then, altered versions of the cartoon that apparently originated in the U.S. have been circulating around the Web. They include anti-black sentiments, anti-Muslim sentiments, and more.

“This is the really disturbing thing about the Internet,” said MacKinnon, as quoted in a story in his newspaper. “It’s one thing if someone steals your car and you never see it again. It’s stolen. It’s gone.

“But if they steal your car and paint profanities on it and they’re driving up and down your street with it every day…. I have to look at my stolen cartoon coming back to me in e-mail almost every day distorted in such a way that I can’t even recognize it and knowing that it’s out there with my name and my signature still on it.”

MacKinnon — who also discussed the situation while speaking on a panel at the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists convention in San Antonio late last month — said he originally did the cartoon because “the name ‘White House,’ as the home of the president, seemed like a huge metaphor for white-male domination of that office.”

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