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By: Miki Johnson

Four photojournalists have collected their Iraq war photos in an impressive full-color book and are now organizing a mid-January exhibit in New York and three related documentary films. The book, “Unembedded” (Chelsea Green Publishing) draws from photos of two Americans, one Canadian, and one Iraqi photojournalist who chose not to participate in the military’s embed program.

Kael Alford, one of the contributing photographers, says, “We are just hoping ordinary people will want to learn more. It’s a more solid, longer narrative than they are used to getting out of Iraq.” Many of the images featured in the book have appeared in major publications (the photographers contribute to Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and Los Angeles Times), and frankly display the horrors of war at the ground level. But most examine the minutiae of daily life that paint a powerful picture of war-scarred Iraq, the kind of images that rarely accompany stories in the press.

“The narratives we knew from our own experience never really found a home,” says Alford. “We all felt like the Iraq we knew wasn’t the Iraq we read about in the newspapers.”

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