Ananda Bazar Publishers Ltd. (ABP) has Commissioned a New Printing Center in Calcutta

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Ananda Bazar Publishers Ltd., Calcutta

On the road to growth

Ananda Bazar Publishers Ltd. (ABP) has commissioned a new printing centre in Calcutta. Ferag has been able to score high marks in the mailroom thanks to the efficiency of its technology and its concept for integrating added value.

ABP publishes Anandabazar Patrika – with a total of 1.577 million copies, this is the Bengali daily newspaper with the highest circulation. ABP Ltd also publishes The Telegraph, the English-language title that, with a circulation presently at 485,000 copies, is one of the fastest growing newspapers in eastern India.

The growth of both titles has been possible only because ABP Ltd has realized a step-by-step expansion of production capacity in the press hall and in the mailroom. The company maintains a total of seven printing centres. In Calcutta, a new building has been constructed in which four 80,000-cph WIFAG newspaper presses started up in May of this year. The mailroom has been equipped entirely with Ferag technology. The huge printing volumes coming off the presses is taken up by four UTR universal conveyors. At the end of each of the four lines are two MultiStack stackers, which are also equipped with the option for topsheet production. To transport the bundles securely along the entire distribution chain to the reader, the bundles are foil-wrapped and then strapped in a SmartStrap system before passing to the loading docks.

MemoFlag: an attractive advertising format
ABP Ltd has become the first newspaper house in India to offer MemoFlag as an innovative advertising platform. One of the four mailroom lines has been equipped with the corresponding module, and initial MemoFlag campaigns have already been successfully realized. Customers from the gastronomy and tourism industries are enthusiastic about the possibilities of using MemoFlag to address the readership directly.

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