Ann Coulter: Mad at Conservatives For Not Fighting Back on Libby Case

By: E&P Staff

Ann Coulter is hopping mad. Conservatives, she feels, are letting liberals, and the liberal media, get away with murder in portraying I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby in a bad light in his current trial for perjury, rather than fighting back and attacking some of the Libby bashers.

In a her latest column, she writes, “Conservatives often ask why so many Republicans go native when they get to Washington, D.C. The answer is: Because you don’t defend them when they come under relentless attacks from liberal hatchet men.”

Why is Libby on trial? “Because there is no penalty for using the threat of imprisonment as a political weapon against conservatives. Ask Tom DeLay or Rush Limbaugh.

“If Libby were a Democrat,” she continues, “we would know the sexual proclivities of everyone in Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s office, Judith Miller would be portrayed as a ‘stalker,’ Tim Russert’s cat would be dead, and the public would know about every toupee at MSNBC.

“People who attack conservatives never have to worry about their own dirty laundry coming out. All they have to worry about is whether People magazine will use a good picture of them in its ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ issue.”

For starters, she concludes, “Find out about Patrick Fitzgerald what we’d know if he were Ken Starr. If you won’t defend your own champions, conservatives, then don’t sit back and wonder why so few people want to be your champions.”

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