Ann Coulter Sort of Compares Obama’s First Book to Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’

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By: Dave Astor

In her latest column, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter sort of compares Barack Obama’s first book to Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

The piece, posted starting last night on Coulter’s Web site, is headlined “Obama’s Dimestore ‘Mein Kampf.'”

Coulter says of the Democratic candidate’s “Dreams From My Father” autobiography: “Has anybody read this book? Inasmuch as the book reveals Obama to be a flabbergasting lunatic, I gather the answer is no. Obama is about to be our next president: You might want to take a peek. If only people had read ‘Mein Kampf.'”

The weekly Universal Press Syndicate columnist goes on to slam Obama for the complaints about racism he included in his 1995 book.

“Forget Rev. Jeremiah Wright — Wright is Booker T. Washington compared to this guy,” Coulter concludes.

Back in 2005, Coulter was among the many conservatives criticizing U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) for using a Nazi comparison when discussing America’s treatment of Guantanamo prisoners.

In her June 22, 2005, column, Coulter wrote that Durbin’s remark “offended … any sentient, English-speaking adult who didn’t hate America.”

When E&P contacted Universal today about Coulter’s latest column, Assistant Vice President for Communications Kathie Kerr said the syndicate had “no comment” about the content of the piece.

She added that there have been “no complaints or cancellations that I’m aware of” from Coulter’s newspaper clients since the new column came out.

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