Another A1 Times-Picayune Press Release

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By: Ryan Chittum | Columbia Journalism Review

Not content with dominating the Times-Picayune’s front page on Thursday with a press release from its editor, the paper ran an awfully similar piece by the new publisher on page one Sunday headlined “The Times-Picayune and are here to stay.”

As if the Times-Pic needed to remind New Orleanians that its absentee owners have brought in an outsider to gut their hometown paper, Publisher Ricky Mathews leads with it. And where he directly addresses the protests over going to a three-newspaper-a-week schedule, he doesn’t bother to mention the much more serious complaints about the paper firing half its newsroom (with nebulous and not exactly confidence-inspiring promises to add about half of the headcount back, presumably with titles like “buzz reporter”) and trying to shift readers to a website that everybody thinks is awful.

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