Another Comic Addresses Press Freedom During ‘War on Terror’

By: E&P Staff

“Mallard Fillmore” cartoonist Bruce Tinsley isn’t the only comic creator discussing how much information a newspaper should or should not reveal about America’s so-called “war on terror.”

Tinsley criticized The New York Times in his Tuesday comic. “Candorville” cartoonist Darrin Bell of the Washington Post Writers Group took a more sympathetic view of press freedom in his comics of today and yesterday.

Bell’s Monday strip shows a character watching TV as an announcer says: “In other news, Congressional leaders are condemning the ‘Candorville Chronicle’ for reporting that American troops are stationed in Baghdad.” In the last panel, these words (presumably spoken by a Congressman) come out of the TV: “More treason by the media! They’ve revealed valuable information that the enemy wouldn’t otherwise have figured out!”

Today’s “Candorville” comic shows a “Senator Bunting” stating on TV: “Some say my outrage about the ‘Chronicle’ publishing secrets is fake. Politically motivated. An election-year stunt! That I have no accomplishments to run on so I’m attacking the media to distract the voters. That’s pure poppycock! The security of this country is my only concern!” The last panel reveals that the senator has been talking in a campaign commercial that ends: “Vote Bunting!”

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