Another Mexican Journo Disappears

By: E&P Staff

The editor of a weekly newspaper in the southwestern Mexican state of Michoacan has been missing since Nov. 20, a press freedom group reported Wednesday.

The disappearance comes at a particularly dangerous time for Mexican journalists. In the past five weeks, four journalists have been murdered, the most recent one had been missing for two days before he was found shot dead Nov. 30.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF for its initials in French) said Jos? Antonio Garc?a Apac, editor of the weekly Ecos de la Cuenca in Tepalcatepec, has been missing since the evening of Nov. 20 when he phoned his family to say he was leaving the newspaper office, and heading home. RSF said Garc?a Apac later called a colleague to say he was going to a meeting.

Fifteen minutes after that call, RSF said, one of his sons received a call from him that was interrupted by voices telling Garc?a Apac to identify himself, and to turn off his cell phone. That was the last he was heard from.

“Not a week has gone by since the end of October without a journalist disappearing or being murdered in Mexico,” RSF said. ” Garc?a Apac’s disappearance makes us fear the worst as he was working as a journalist in Michoacan state, where drug traffickers do not hesitate to decapitate rivals or critics.”

Garc?a Apac’s family said the editor had complained that he was being followed a few months ago, RSF reported.

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