AP Expands its ‘Hometown Leads’ Initiative to College Basketball

By: Press Release | AP

Responding to positive feedback, The Associated Press will expand an initiative aimed at member news organizations by offering them optional leads on college basketball postgame stories involving Top 25 men’s teams and Top 10 women’s teams that will focus on the losing teams.


The expansion of AP’s “Hometown Leads,” an initiative of special value to newspapers that do not staff away games, was announced today. Here’s the advisory sent on the AP wire to members:


BC-Hometown Leads, Advisory

Sports Editors:


Hometown Leads will expand to include college basketball games involving Top 25 men’s teams and Top 10 women’s teams.


Starting tonight, AP Sports will provide the same optional-style tops featuring losing teams that have become part of the agency’s regular coverage of baseball, the National Football League and college football.


Like the other sports, the basketball leads will be filed in addition to the regular optional top that focuses on the winning team. They will move after the breaking and optional leads have appeared on the wire.


The Hometown Leads also will pick up into the material in the breaking lead; stories will be approximately 12-15 inches in length. Like the football copy, the college basketball leads will carry a featurized top and quotes from at least one player and/or the coach.

It should be on the wire within 60-75 minutes after the game ends.


To recap, the college basketball leads will flow in the same order as the baseball and football leads:


_ NewsNow game lead.

_ Writethru with game details.

_ Optional lead.

_ Hometown Lead (losing team optional), picking up into main game story.


Slugs for the main stories and optional leads will be the same: BC-BKC-Duke-NCarolina and BC-BKW–Duke-NCarolina.


The Hometown Lead will be slugged with that team’s name only: BC-BKC-Duke. In other words, this means the Blue Devils lost the game and the regular optional is focused on the Tar Heels.


AP Sports is expanding this service after a favorable response to the optional leads already being offered and at the urging of numerous U.S.-based editors, as a way to further meet a need for coverage tailored to their local teams.


AP Sports, New York


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