AP Stylebook Gets a Tweet Homage

By: Shawn Moynihan

One look at this particular Twitter feed and it’s immediately obvious we’re not reading from your father’s AP Stylebook. “Guerrilla soldiers use unorthodox tactics. Gorilla soldiers are awesome,” one tweet reads. Another: “Avoid excessive use of contractions. The baby will come when it comes.”

The FakeAPStylebook feed, launched Oct. 20, had garnered more than 50,000 followers as of mid-November. Its clever, sometimes bizarre humor skirts the edge of absurd at times, but maintains the spirit of the copy editor’s bible.

The minds behind it are Ken Lowery, a copy editor at United Methodist Reporter in Dallas, and Mark Hale, a friend of Lowery’s in Louisville, Ky. They’re aided by a stable of contributors called “The Bureau Chiefs” that includes a librarian, an attorney and an associate professor of English, among others.

“‘Astonishment’ describes all of our general reaction,” Lowery said of the site’s instant popularity. “This thing took on a life of its own like nothing else any of us have done.”

Check it out, at http://twitter.com/ FakeAPStylebook.

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