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By: E&P Staff

The Learning Newsroom is just one of many grants in the $10 million, three-year newsroom training launched in 2003 by Knight Foundation. The result of a call by 50 national journalism groups for a unified post-recession effort to increase training and the news industry’s investment, other grants in the initiative are creating programs like the News University, an e-learning center; the Traveling Campus, a permanent traveling skills training program; and NewsTrain, a program for middle managers.

The Learning Newsroom is $1 million, three-year project to help newsrooms improve their capacity to teach and learn the skills and values they need to produce better journalism. It is a joint project of the American Press Institute and the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

Last week, Vickey Williams was selected to head the effort. She was formerly corporate editorial director for Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. in Birmingham, Ala., where she worked closely with the Readership Institute on training its editors, publishers and other executives.

For more information about the Learning Newsroom, contact Williams at vwilliams@americanpressinstittue.org.

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