API Hosting ‘Crisis Summit’ for Newspaper Industry

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By: E&P Staff

The American Press Institute (API) will host an invitation-only, closed-door “summit conference” Nov. 13 in which 50 CEO-level executives will ponder ways to revive the newspaper business.

The one-day conference at API’s Reston, Va., headquarters will be “a facilitated discussion of concrete steps the industry can take to reverse its declines in revenue, profit and shareholder value.”

Former turnaround CEO James B. Shein will lead the discussion.

“The critical role of journalism can only be preserved if the newspaper industry can come through its current crisis,” Shein, now a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, said in the API announcement Thursday. “It’s important for companies to see how far along the ‘crisis curve’ they’ve traveled, and there are concrete steps organizations can take to halt and even reverse that journey. We’ll use those tools to illuminate for newspaper industry leaders the urgency of their situation, and lay out the steps they will need to take to begin the renewal process.”

While the conference will not be open to the working press, API said it will publish a full report on the conference.

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