Apple is Eliminating the Headphone Jack on the New Iphone. What Does That Mean for Reporters?

Much of the news coverage leading up to today’s Apple event has been centered on the company’s decision to eliminate the headphone jack in the latest iteration of the iPhone. There’s been debate, there’s been outrage, and there’ve been plenty of stories advising users on the best Lightning or Bluetooth headphones to buy, or how to make your current headphones work with an adapter.

For journalists, however, the iPhone has for years been a full-fledged reporting device — a voice recorder, camera, video camera, and publishing platform, all in one — and the elimination of the headphone jack might force some of them to buy new equipment or change the tools they use. Most external microphones or convertors that allow microphones to work with the iPhone connect through the headphone jack, and the shutter on many selfie sticks is also controlled through via the headphone jack.

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