Aquafadas Adds 40 Features to its Digital Publishing System Version 2.0: Including ePub3 Support

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By: Press Release | Aquafadas

Aquafadas, a leading vendor of digital publishing solutions, announced today that version 2.0 of its Digital Publishing System is now available. Version 2.0 includes ePub3 support, 6 new games and 40 additional new features.

Publishers of richly designed books, children’s books, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, marketing communication agencies, and enterprises can now utilize one of the most advanced digital publishing solutions to create highly sophisticated publications in a very cost-effective way and with no coding required.

Technology helps eliminate boundaries in digital publishing

Tablets and smartphones are ubiquitous and have become an established communication channel across industries. With the market of richly designed ebooks growing rapidly and digital magazine revenues increasingly adding to the bottom line, Aquafadas offers a turn-key solution that covers all aspects of digital publishing from app and content creation to distribution and analytics.

Aquafadas Digital Publishing System has been the tool of choice to create over 1,000 published apps as it offers an unparalleled range of options, from fully automated PDF-based apps to custom-design apps.

Aquafadas’s CEO, Claudia Zimmer says: “In the digital world, boundaries vanish between book, magazine, newspaper, and even corporate publishing and stakeholders adopt technologies and business models across industries in order to be more successful. Digital publishing requires the optimal mix of workflow automation, cost effectiveness, and design and feature richness to meet today’s readers expectations while being profitable.”

“Our Digital Publishing System Version 2.0 supports these major trends by offering the widest range of workflow options, enrichments, and publishing channels, now including fixed-layout ePub3. Our goal is to eliminate limitations in digital publishing and help publishers across industries make their visions become reality.” Ms. Zimmer concluded.

New features and fixed-layout ePub, still no coding required

Besides apps, fixed-layout ePub3 is the most important way of publishing to the iPad. Aquafadas’s ePub3 export supports full text search, high resolution images, video, read-aloud audio, slideshows, and more.

Apps can be more interactive with Google Maps integration, 6 brand new games (including jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku), scrollable layouts and long-page layouts.

Universal app support for iPad and iPhone enables reading across devices, while designers create dedicated content once and Aquafadas’s distribution system delivers the right content file to a device.

The standard version of Aquafadas’s Digital Publishing System is available as a free download at A one-time publication fee applies only at the time of publishing.

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