Arab Writers Group Syndicate Is Launched

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By: Dave Astor

Self-syndicated columnist Ray Hanania and two other Arab-American writers have launched the Arab Writers Group Syndicate.

Hanania told E&P that the syndicate “will provide columns that offer a fresh Arab-American analysis of events to mainstream American newspapers.”

He added: “Sadly, the mainstream American media hasn’t done its job in presenting a balanced offering of analysis to readers. The American public might better understand the many challenges of the Middle East and the complexities that drive the threat of terrorism if more mainstream American newspapers would simply publish Arab-American viewpoints. This is a badly needed service.”

The other two writers are Ali Alarabi, a self-syndicated columnist and journalist who works in the Arab-American media and as an Arabic language consultant to media (including CNN); and Sherif Hedayat, a standup comedian.

Hanania — who does standup comedy in addition to his more serious column writing — is a Palestinian Christian, while Alarabi is a Palestinian Muslim and Hedayat an Egyptian Arab.

Also, the syndicate announced today that a weekly column by Anisa Mehdi will be among its offerings. Medhi — president of Whetstone Productions — is an Emmy-winning TV journalist who has reported, written, directed, and produced news and documentary programs for National Geographic, PBS, ABC, and CBS.

In addition, she does commentaries for National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”; writes for newspapers, magazines, and Web sites; and speaks throughout the world about Islam and the media.

Mehdi, who’s based in New Jersey, has a master’s in journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor’s in Spanish language and literature from Wellesley College.

The new syndicate’s Web site can be seen here

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