By: Christopher Stango

Newspaper Participates In Western Version Of the ‘Cow Parade’

At the corner of Marshall Way and 5th Avenue in Scottsdale,
Ariz., stands a 6-foot tall history lesson. “Century,” a life-

sized fiberglass horse wrapped in a front page from each year of
The Arizona Republic’s 110-year history, is a popular part
of the Scottsdale Stampede.

Running through April, the Scottsdale Stampede is modeled after
Chicago’s popular Cow Parade, in which several hundred fiberglass
cows painted by artists were positioned around the city.
Scottsdale’s public arts project is a bit smaller; so far, 15
horses are on the streets.

The Republic’s horse features newspapers pages in
chronological order with 1890 headlines wrapped around the
thoroughbred’s hind legs and the 2000 millennium edition
plastered on his nose. “We hope that people will read the
headlines and take a walk through history through the front pages
of our paper,” said Becca Bishop, project manager at the

“People linger longer at ‘Century’ than at other horses because
the stories are all legible,” said Maryfrances Piattoni, director
of marketing and communications for the Downtown Scottsdale
Partnership. “They read it from head to tail… literally.”

These headlines were chosen from the paper’s archives by artist
Mike Bond and staff librarians. Each page was then scanned and
the images were printed onto vinyl sheets, for durability.

Front pages include President Nixon’s impeachment, the kidnapping
of the Lindbergh baby, and the death of cartoonist Charles
Schulz. “Century” also sports some black-and-white photos of
Arizona landmarks, like the Phoenix airport, arranged to form
spots on the horse’s back.

“This was a really exciting project for us,” Bishop said.
“Everyone had a lot of fun doing it.”

Piattoni hopes the Scottsdale Stampede will draw not just
tourists to downtown Scottsdale, but also locals.

Christopher Stango is an intern at E&P.

Copyright 2000, Editor & Publisher.

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