‘Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’ Adds Goss Uniliner Tower to Headliner

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By: E&P Staff

The Little Rock-based Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is adding a shaftless Goss Uniliner tower to its Goss Headliner press in Lowell, Arkansas, where the Northwest Edition of the statewide paper is printed. To be installed by year’s end, the new tower will help meet increasing demand for color pages.

The Uniliner tower has a range of features to ensure higher quality output, faster job turnaround and reduced makeready waste, Its Goss DigiRail digital inking system affords high print quality, lower waste and production consistency.

The Uniliner will provide improved color register and “better color replication in multiple sections,” Northwest Edition Vice President and General Manager Jeff Jeffus said in a statement, noting that the tower will add eight color pages or up to 16 black-and-white pages to the edition.

Oerating in Lowell for 10 years, the Headliner produces 360,000 Democrat Gazette copies per week. Including other titles, such as Northwest Arkansas Times, Benton County Daily Record and the Rogers edition of the Benton County Daily Record, the facility prints approximately 1,076,000 newspapers each week.

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