As 2020 Looms, the News Media Looks Forward, and Back

As Americans brace for the next presidential campaign — already underway and showing on a screen near you — press pundits are worried about the news media’s readiness for the challenge ahead.

Will reporters follow the same assumptions that made the outcome in 2016 such a shock? Can pollsters reassure a public that has soured on the power of political forecasting?

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One thought on “As 2020 Looms, the News Media Looks Forward, and Back

  • January 28, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    The message from the last presidential election has been unequivocally clear, pollsters were wrong. Not only were pollsters wrong but we now know what a waste of time it was giving the pollster’s such extensive media coverage. Perhaps the election of 2020, media should realize polling results mean very little and reporting conclusions and expected candidate win/loss based from polling results is not sound journalism.


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