As Facebook Claims Classified Ads, What Should the Regional Press Do?

Earlier this month Facebook – the social valkyrie that escorts fallen media companies into the afterlife an inch at a time – launched its Marketplace product, widely seen as an attempt to usurp the Ebays and Craigslists of the world. It’s all part of what TechCrunch’s Josh Constine sees as Facebook’s ongoing quest to eat the internet and will presumably be quite damaging in the long-term to other peer-to-peer shopping channels who don’t have Facebook’s reach and omnipresence.

One group who will largely be unaffected will be the local publishers, for the simple reason that for the most part they had already lost control of classifieds. That particular battle had already been fought and lost, and regional publishers have been trying to adjust to the realities of digital publishing for years without that particular crutch against which to lean.

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