As Legacy News Organizations Cut Back, Local Sites are Cropping up to Fill the Void

Two years ago, when Matt DeRienzo was editor of the New Haven Register, he remembers being frustrated by a scrappy little site that dug up scoop after scoop at his expense.

The New Haven Independent, a nonprofit news organization just a few miles away, would regularly unearth stories that the Register missed, in part because DeRienzo and his staff were focused on the traditional staples of newspaper coverage: Suburbs, zoning board meetings, sports. Meanwhile, the Independent had a laser-like focus on the city.

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One thought on “As Legacy News Organizations Cut Back, Local Sites are Cropping up to Fill the Void

  • August 15, 2016 at 9:57 am

    It is shocking that the writer just glosses over the publisher’s comments about revenue coming to the online news from “native advertising” and “sponsored content.”

    It is important that the audience know the difference between advertising and editorial content, especially news.

    “Native advertising” and “sponsored content” is the slippery slope that erodes the audience’s confidence in the news, and it should. There is a world of difference between presenting a story because it is important and impactful on the lives of the audience, and presenting a story because someone is paying you for what amounts to a manipulation.

    Some people don’t notice that a story is sponsored, even if it says “Sponsored Content” at the top or bottom, and the sponsors count on that. “Native advertising,” which embeds the revenue source, is insidious and should be never be used.


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