Atex CMS Supports iPad, Kindle

By: E&P Staff

Atex, Reading, England, announced that its content management system supports publication to e-readers and tablet devices, including Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle.

Media companies can utilize existing Atex system to exploit these technologies to publish content without custom development or additional operating costs. The functionality also allows publishers to develop new digital revenue streams while increasing the level of customer interaction, according to Atex.

With out-of-the-box functionality to streamline digital content publishing, the Atex CMS, atex content, helps media companies take advantage of projected growth in the e-reader market.

Depending on e-readers or tablet model used, a media company can track content customers and allow readers to comment and answer poll questions — community features that help build relationships with readers and understand which content will retain their interest. The atex content solution also can feed user-generated content back to editors.

“We have an entire team dedicated to e-reader and tablet device development. This team is assigned the task of creating innovative features that capitalize on our integrated advertising, editorial and Web content management systems,” Atex Head of Global Product Development Peter marsh said in a statement.

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